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St Salvator’s Chapel Choir

(University of St Andrews)


​​‘Assured perforamances ... impeccable diction’ 

Early Music Review

'Sitting in the organ loft of the Chapel, it was sometimes hard to believe I was witnessing a choir of students ... [Bach's Mass in B Minor] calls for stamina, vocal expertise and vibrancy of expression. This splendid ensemble has all of that in spades. Their natural talent has been nurtured by director Tom Wilkinson and the end result is a choir who could hold their own in any august company, professional or amateur.'  Dundee Courier

‘[A] spectacular performance of ground-breaking choral music’ 

The Herald

On 'Bach and the Stile Antico' CD:

'This is an excellent CD that combines scholarship with performance.'  ★★★★★

Choir and Organ

'The whole impressive package displays meticulous care and great integrity.  A truly magnum opus.'  Organists' Review

‘Probably the best choral singing on the disc comes in the Palestrina where the intertwining polyphonic lines are superbly traced, the choir showing a real sensitivity towards the style as well as a lovely blend of tone and exemplary diction.’  Music Web International



Kellie Consort


‘A welcome new addition to the early music scene in Scotland.’ 

The Scotsman


‘Outstanding quality singing ... Each and every vocal line was lovingly and meticulously crafted by Wilkinson and his choristers, whether together or as soloists.  Basics of diction and intonation are unerring in the choruses, but there is so much more to this group that comes from the magic of how conductor and voices connect.  [Bach’s] Christ lag in Todesbanden was laden with the grief of its text, while Dixit Dominus sounded thrilling in the ongoing flow of energy that characterised Handel’s setting of Psalm 110.’ 

**** The Scotsman


‘A great endeavour’ 

The Herald

St Salvator's Chapel Choir, the Kellie Consort, and the Fitzwilliam String Quartet perform Bach's Mass in B Minor

​​'This superb music calls forth ecstatic beauty, indeed perfection, from the choir.'

Organists' Review


‘[T]he choir is of a very high standard indeed.  They demonstrate a fresh, bright sounding tone and fine blend with clear diction; also communicating a real sense of commitment, engagement and relish in all that they do...’ 


‘Wilkinson’s red-robed choristers are immaculately disciplined...’  The Scotsman




‘[O]ne cannot but admire the textural clarity and musical integrity of Wilkinson’s playing.’

Music Web International

'...a thrilling demonstration of organist Tom Wilkinson's remarkable facility.'  The Herald

‘Tom’s performance ... was measured, perfectly-judged, a model of clarity, well-registered and authoritative.’ 



‘[V]irtuoso organist Tom Wilkinson [made] a welcome return to Aberdeen ... crescendos were gloriously exciting in the choir and in Tom Wilkinson’s magnificent organ bursts too.’

Aberdeen Courier

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